Marcy Winograd Asks For Your Vote – For Real Change

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Dear Friends,

I’m Marcy Winograd and I humbly ask for your vote in my challenge to Jane Harman in the June 8 Democratic primary.  I agree that the opportunity to serve is not an entitlement.  That’s why when Congress debates health care or the wars or the foreclosure crisis, I will take the debate to my district with town halls and meetings.  The people are entitled to participate in a national debate. Unfortunately, my opponent was one of the few in southern California who failed to hold one town hall during the epic health care debate. 

Our Democratic district deserves a real Democrat as its representative, not someone beholden to big banks, Wall Street, or the weapons industry.  We are at the crossroads and the choice is clear.  Together, we can all win.  Just watch.

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Together We All Win

I’m proud of my record, from my support of Daniel Ellsberg in the ’70’s to my more recent efforts putting the California Democratic Party on record to end new oil drilling and to bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m even more excited about my plans to represent the 36th district, beginning with a transition from Harman’s permanent war economy to my Green New Deal, which will draw on the technical talent of our region to make it a center for green jobs in America. As a long-time teacher, I look forward to being the nation’s advocate for restoring world-class education–a voice stunningly absent in Congress. And much of my work will be to undo what Jane Harman & the Blue Dogs have done.  I’ll champion peace initiatives, not perpetual war with its attendant civil liberties violations – illegal wiretapping, preventative detention, kidnappings, and torture. On the home front, I’ll work to freeze foreclosures, modify home loans, repeal unfair trade agreements that outsource jobs, and amend the bankruptcy bill to forgive medical bankruptcy.  In addition, I will relentlessly defend our greatest public safety nets: our pensions, Social Security, and Medicare.  Republicans are on the offensive pushing a commission to “study” (cut) Social Security.  Unlike my opponent, I have been very clear where I stand on these safety nets.  We cannot allow them to be cut or privatized.  

I also look forward to working with the Congressional Progressive Caucus–Congress’ largest caucus–to make it a swing voting block that can advance progressive programs like the enactment of single-payer health care and the partnership of big banks with community banks. The 36th district, where Democratic registration outnumbers Republican by 18%, is a progressive district, and it’s high time we had a representative who believes in core Democratic values: diplomacy, social responsibility, and constitutional rights. As the founder of Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles and an organizer of the CDP’s Progressive Caucus, I will be proud to make the Congressional Progressive Caucus a key advocate for change in Washington.

Above all, I’ll be what the Founding Fathers & Mothers imagined our Representatives to be: One of the people. I’ll be out in the schools and neighborhoods, living my life as I do now, where people work and shop. This district will once again be able to meet its Congresswoman in a town hall, and access will not be limited to the rich and powerful.

Indeed, the opportunity to serve is not an entitlement. I’ve earned my right to office from a lifetime of service, and I’ve built my grassroots campaign without a dime of corporate money. I ask all Democrats to remember what it’s supposed to mean to be a Democrat, and to give me your vote on June 8th. Thank you.

Marcy Winograd

A REAL Democrat for the People

36th Congressional District Candidate

Campaign Headquarters: 310 822 3400



2 thoughts on “Marcy Winograd Asks For Your Vote – For Real Change”

  1. On the pages of this blog and so many others, as well as in countless conversations, we have bemoned the fact that our elected Democrats have so often abandoned us and the things we hold dear.

    Instead of supporting an incumbent Dem because they are an incumbent Dem, we have the chance to support and vote for a Dem that holds to and fights for Our Values. All of them. Not just women’s rights, or the environment, but peace, working people, our Constitutional protections, and all the other values and issues that define us as Democrats.

    The Republican opposition is paltry in this very Blue district. Let’s show some courage of our own. Let us stand up and be counted for real change and a real 100% Democrat.

    Support Marcy Winograd.  

  2. Civil liberties are not something to be ignored for the sake of convenience! We need a progressive in office who takes these values seriously.  It’s clear that our incumbent does not.  Marcy Winograd will certainly be an improvement.

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