Help Marcy Winograd’s campaign – Donation match offer

The purpose of this diary is to get you to donate to or volunteer for Marcy Winograd’s campaign.  I’ll match the first $5 you give to Marcy at my ActBlue page for her.  Also, if you pledge to phonebank or precinct walk for her, I’ll kick in to her campaign as well.  (Volunteer signup form here).

Why contribute to Winograd?  I’ll give you 3 reasons:

Because your support could make a difference: Winograd has a shot at winning. She’s raised over $300K for the race (with no corporate donations) and Winograd’s recent poll of the race found Harman to be well below the 50% threshold considered safe for incumbents.  Most relevant, the poll found that “…approximately 70% of all voters who have formed an opinion of Winograd are likely to vote for her.”  .  Your money or phone calls could get Winograd votes just by getting info about her to voters in the district.  

Because you need not worry that a Republican could be elected.  This district is tailor made for a BETTER Democrat, not just a tolerable one.  We can demand a great Democrat who we can trust will be with us when it matters, not saying the right things in public while privately trying to do the opposite.  

Because she speaks clearly on the issues, and will be accountable to us.  If Winograd gets elected, we’ll know where she stands on healthcare (a supporter of Medicare for all) and on Iraq and Afghanistan (she’s pledged to appropriate no money for those wars other than what’s needed to get the troops home. Pinning down Harman is impossible – usually she doesn’t take public positions on legislation prior to a vote.  

Please give what you can to Marcy, or pledge to make some calls/canvass in the comments.  I’ll match you the first five bucks (it would be great if you could give more), or I’ll kick in $5 to her if you pledge to do at least an hour of calling or canvassing for Marcy.  

3 thoughts on “Help Marcy Winograd’s campaign – Donation match offer”

  1. The campaign is trying to raise money for ads that to cover the whole district today (Tuesday).  

    Help them get the word out please, and give what you can.  

  2. several times in the last week spurred me on a little.  It’s so out of character for her – I can’t remember the last time she put a diary up here.    

  3.    and if I can I will walk a precinct for her. Good luck to us!  

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