Mailers put candidates in bad company

I’ve received tons of political mailers over the last month. Many are colorful, a few are insightful, and the majority are a collosal waste of money.

One was from “Californians Vote Green.”  It carried endorsements for a number of the Democratic candidates running for state office this year. But it also urged readers to vote YES on Propositions 16 and 17, two of the most deceptive, anti-consumer ballot initiatives I’ve seen in my time in California. When I checked the groups website: http://californiansvotegreen.c… all it had was a solicitation for candidates and initiative sponsors to buy space. Nothing about the so-called “organization.”

OK, folks, I’m not naive; I know how mailers work. But I can’t help wondering why supposedly consumer-friendly Democrats would willingly buy space on a mailer that includes support for such blatant anti-consumer measures as Prop. 16 and 17. Someone ought to call them out on that.  

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