CDP’s Budget Rescue Team Springs into Action!

By Mollie Culver, California Democratic Party political director.

California is being systematically dismantled by an ill conceived rule that allows 1/3 of the legislature to block passage of the annual state budget.

That’s right. instead of requiring a simple majority to pass a budget — the standard for democracies worldwide – lawmakers have to placate an empowered “superminority” year after year.

As members of the California Democratic Party, it’s up to us to oppose this anti-democratic rule and do what we can to restore fairness.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the formation of the CDP’s Budget Rescue Team, a squad of activists committed to freedom, justice, and a state budget that actually reflects the will of the majority of Californians.

The mission of the Budget Rescue Team is to fight back against the “superminority” of Republican legislators who hold our state budget hostage year after year, making outrageous and unrelated demands to dismantle protections for consumers, workers, and the environment.

The more Californians join the Budget Rescue Team, the more effective it will be — and I hope you’ll join us by clicking here:  

It’s easy to see what gives rise to this problem.  Ask a sensible person if he or she would rather have the legislature agree on things, and the answer will almost certainly be yes. Who wouldn’t choose agreement over conflict?

But requiring agreement would only work if Republicans were actually here to govern.  Since the Republicans in the California legislature are only here to tear government apart, this rule gives their tiny superminority a power the majority of Californians didn’t want them to have.

The Budget Rescue Team will have two big chances to rescue our budget this year:

First, we’re gearing up for the 2010 budget fight later this month, when slightly over 1/3 of Republican legislators will try to delay and obstruct yet again.  

Members of the “BRT” will be on the front lines, fighting for the best budget we can get under current rules and making sure the public knows where the delays are coming from.

Second, we’ll need all hands on deck to pass a majority vote budget initiative sponsored by a group of teachers, firefighters, and nurses this November so we can put an end to this anti-democratic practice once and for all.

If you’re sick of California’s yearly budget b.s., you need to join the Budget Rescue Team today, so click here!

Together, the Budget Rescue Team will keep up the fight for all Californians, no matter what.