Memorial Day Weekend Open Thread

It’s getting close to election day, so while some of us will be busy working away, hopefully it will be a restful period for others. With the DADT repeal still up for debate, it is important to remember the sacrifices that those of every orientation, ethnicity, and faith have made for the Dream of America.

Now, to the links:

* The Wall Street Journal took a scrap from the LAO to scream that the sky will fall unless AB 32 is repealed.  Except…not really. As the Environmental Defense Fund points out, they weren’t really all that honest about the report, and the long-term effect of AB 32 is positive.

* Meg Whitman wanted to stay firmly planted in the middle of the electorate. Steve Poizner did not let her. And now, the immigration issue has pushed her firmly to the right of the majority of California voters. ANd then she compounds it by forgetting that she shows a border fence in her tv ad. One of her many TV ads.

* Speaking of immigration, it appears that Mark Ridley-Thomas will be the deciding vote on the LA County boycott of Arizona for its immigration policies.

* The OC Register has a recap of the GOP Senate hopefuls positions.  

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  1. It seems that one of the main divisive issues in the race for California’s 37th district senate seat is the effort to repeal AB 32.  Justin Blake supports AB 32; his position being that AB 32 will bring innovative green jobs to his district.  His opponent, Bill Emmerson, has voted against AB 32 and has received contributions from Valero (the Texas oil company who is funding the repeal for AB 32).  The repeal for AB 32 is only until the unemployment rate is below 5.5% (currently over 12%), but this has only happened 3 times in the last 30 years.


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