IE Rising: Senator Barbara Boxer visits the SBCCC

I was proud to attend the event held for Senator Barbara Boxer at the San Bernardino County Central Committee on Memorial Day. The mood was festive and lively as Senator Boxer laid into her opponents and defended her record on offshore drilling moratorium, the stimulus package (which is seen by the expansion and rework of the 215 FWY), and health care reform legislation. She is really trying to build a grassworks network here in the Inland Empire and I am glad that someone of such import has FINALLY paid attention to the Inland Empire aka the bastard step-child of the Democratic Party. However, we do need a new microphone system for the SBCCC because the one provided kept cutting off and was sometimes caught in an ear screeching feedback loop. Afterwards, Sen. Boxer attended the VA Hospital in Loma Linda to chat with veterans there and pay them the respect and honor they deserve for their service.  For full disclosure, I am running for the Central Committee of San Bernardino County and if elected I will raise funds to purchase a new mic system!  

2 thoughts on “IE Rising: Senator Barbara Boxer visits the SBCCC”

  1. I’m Susan. Thank you for the invitation to the event. I am currently out of work and couldn’t justify the fee, but I was with you in spirit.  

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