Prop 16 Gets Eviscerated Again

Prop 16 has had more negative editorial board reviews than Ishtar, yet, PG&E is still pumping money into this dud. Whether will be worth PG&E’s money is a question that can only be answered by the voters of California.

Whether it is good policy is a question with an objective answer: NO.  This is the answer from good government groups, editorial boards, progressive organizations, and non-partisan groups.  It is a policy that’s great for PG&E, terrible for the state and its ratepayers.  Today the San Jose Mercury News threw down on PG&E’s hidden agenda scheme:

Surely you’ve heard the ads, wedged between Steve Poizner’s cries of “Liberal!” and Meg Whitman’s attempts to sound tough.

“And we don’t even have the right to vote on it!” whine the indignant actors, as if they’re victims of an evil government conspiracy.

Don’t be fooled. These ads, like the rest of PG&E’s estimated $45 million campaign to pass Proposition 16, are full of lies. PG&E calls the measure the Taxpayers’ Right to Vote Act, but it’s really the PG&E Monopoly Protection Act. So we can’t resist another reminder to vote no. …

One thing that’s clear about PG&E’s campaign is where it got the $45 million for all those ads. From you. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a PG&E-free city like Santa Clara. Exercise your right to vote on Proposition 16: Say no. Tell PG&E to stop spending your money to thwart your best interests – and to stop lying. (SJ Merc)

It’s really not a big ask, even from a corporation like PG&E: don’t lie to the voters of California.  However, it’s too much to ask of PG&E these days They’re spending $45 million to get Prop 16 passed, but it’s still sinking in the polls. There won’t be any big ad buys for No on 16, just the small matter of being right.

It is my sincere hope that the voters of California will see beyond PG&E’s lies and smack them on the head for over-reaching by spending ratepayer money on anti-consumer initiatives.

4 thoughts on “Prop 16 Gets Eviscerated Again”

  1. Among other things that is, But then I’m probably not the only one to advertise NO on 16 online, I hope this Dud sinks like a Big fat flat top(slang for an aircraft carrier from WWII), My torpedo is running hot, straight and normal(also WWII submariner slang), It’ll get My NO warhead and I hope there will be enough holes to sink that sucker. 😀

    $45,000,000.00 vs almost nothing, If 16 fails to pass that’ll be too bad for PG&E stockholders. 🙂

  2. where is your confidence that it’ll fail?  I haven’t seen any public polling that shows it will lose, just anecdotal evidence.  Unfortunately, after Californians voted for Prop. 8 while rejecting the oil tax a few years earlier, I have absolutely no confidence in Californians making the correct decision.  We’re too damn easily swayed by a slick TV ad.

  3. Is a ballot proposition guide post in the works?  I would imagine so, but collating everything into one post to read, link, forward, etc. would be useful.  Thanks,

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