Election Day Open Thread

There was a bit of other news besides our low turnout.  Some of both as we wait for results:

* Debra Bowen says there will be an “army of lawyers” reviewing Prop 14 if it passes.

* The Supreme Court put a stay on the Arizona election matching funds. It’s a more robust system than Prop 15’s fair elections, but we could see some settled law on the issue with this case.  If it is overturned, a constitutional amendment might be the only route left for fair and clean elections.

* Meg Whitman already has a rally planned for Wednesday. That’s gotta sting Poizner…

* Hey, the Lakers are in the Finals, but SoCal sports revenue is down.

10 thoughts on “Election Day Open Thread”

  1. Alvin Greene – a total unknown – is beating the snot out of Vic Rawl and may get the nod for the Democratic Party Senatorial nomination.

    Nobody knows who he is, what he is for, who gave him the money to file to run, didn’t attend the state convention …

    And he is beating the snot out of Vic Rawl.

    I suspect a GOP set-up but … who knows?

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