June 10 Open Thread


* Peter Schrag thinks California is over the AZ-esque anti-immigration days. He points to the defeat of Steve Poizner as a sign that the time of Prop 187 is gone.

* PPIC and the California Broadcasters Assn. invited Whitman and Brown to do two debates in the fall.

* Meg Whitman paid $76/vote on Tuesday. A Bargain!!

* Sarah Palin attacked Jerry Brown. You have to wonder who this is really supposed to influence. General election voters? or 2012 primary voters?

2 thoughts on “June 10 Open Thread”

  1. She apparently attacked him for finishing two terms as governor.  Silly Jerry, you were supposed to quit when things got rough and cash in with a book deal.

    Won’t he ever learn.  Poor Jerry thinks public service is an honorable calling.

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