June 17 Open Thread


* CalPERS increased the state’s contribution requirement by $600 million to make up for the weak investment returns over the past 18 months.

* CalBuzz thinks that perhaps Valero didn’t predict the rough environment that they are going to face with their attempted repeal of AB 32.

* Some recaps of the Prop 8 closing arguments.

* Another proposed pay cut for legislators was delayed due to the budget issues.

One thought on “June 17 Open Thread”

  1. “Mr. Olson, who argued the case along with fellow counsel David Boies, joked at a press conference that they could win over a divided Supreme Court because they once argued opposite sides of the high-profile Bush vs. Gore case there. “David will help pick up the ones that he won, and I will pick up the ones that I won and then we will get all nine,” he said. ”


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