Fiorina’s Failed “Grassroots” Protests

FailedSenator BlimpDo you remember the bizarre and somewhat offensive Carly Blimp Commercial?  Well, it appears that the Failorina campaign is attempting to push that further with their “grassroots” protesters at the site of various Boxer events. From MediaBistro’s FishBowlLA blog:

What does it mean when all six of your protest signs are in the same handwriting with the same slogans in different cities on allegedly different days? It means as a movement you are so on the same page even your penmanship testifies to it. Carly Fiorina’s Twitter  account is proudly boasting about all these protests around California. “Protesters are gathering in Sacramento asking, ‘where are the jobs?!?!'”  (FishBowlLA)

Click on over to FishBowlLA for more photos of the same dude holding the same signs. These “grassroots” folks have really got the message consistency down!

2 thoughts on “Fiorina’s Failed “Grassroots” Protests”

  1. That one of the young guys in the image from Monterey this morning is a member of the CSU Monterey Bay College Republicans, who I’ve met on a few occasions. If you look at the San Diego pictures, they also look like CRs. Some may be Fiorina staffers and some aren’t, but whether they’re on the Fiorina payroll or are just a bunch of College Republicans, they’re certainly not grassroots.

  2. to add the numbers of jobs Carly shipped over seas.  Aren’t those lost jobs too?

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