Chaing Counter-sues Arnold

Yesterday, Arnold Schwarzenegger sued for an injunction requiring Controller John Chiang to impliment his order to cut state worker salaries to the minimum wage.  Controller Chiang has a response:

State Controller John Chiang filed suit today in an attempt to block Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s order to reduce pay for most state workers to the federal minimum wage during the current budget impasse.

Chiang’s suit, filed in Sacramento Superior Court, complains that he is being forced to choose between violating Schwarzenegger’s order or violating various federal and state laws. Read the cross complaint here.(SacBee)

A hearing should be scheduled fairly shortly; we’ll keep you updated on this situation.  The response brings up a number of fairly important issues, such as how to account to corrections employees that are now under federal court receivership, tax implications,  and how to actually deal with the excluded class of six unions that have signed new deals.

The whole order is something of a mess, with Arnold not really considering the implications. Nothing new there.