Carly Fiorina: Runs to the Tea Party, Away From the Truth

Carly Fiorina doesn’t want all Californians to know how much she has courted and aligned herself with the Tea Party.

Even before this video was released, the Fiorina Campaign was already on the defensive attack, trying to take the public’s attention away from her Tea Party/Palin support. They are distorting the truth, hiding from the facts and hoping people forgot about her pursuit of the Tea Party.

Everyone in America has at this point seen and heard what the Tea Party is about. Our video uses carefully date-labeled footage of a Tea Party rally we had video for that occurred in March. We also use clearly date-labeled footage of an April Tea Party rally Fiorina spoke at, as well as a clip of her saying that she believes the Tea Party is “making a huge difference in the political dialogue in this country.”

The fact of the matter is that Fiorina has sought to align herself with the Tea Party. She believes in what they stand for and what role they’ve played in the political dialogue. We believe she should denounce them.

Why won’t Carly Fiorina denounce the Tea Party? Why is she actively trying to align herself with their style and messaging? Why is she trying to deceive the voters of California by changing the topic?

California doesn’t need our own Tea-Party-loving, Sarah-Palin-endorsed Republican. But as long as Fiorina is trying to buy this election, we’ll continue to tell voters the truth about who she is.