July 27 Open Thread


* Looks like there will be three debates between Whitman and Brown.  Brown had previously accepted ten invites, but Whitman was looking for a little less airtime.

* The Democratic nominee (well, sorta) to replace Sen. Dean Florez in the Senate, has dropped some campaign bucks on a radio ad blasting Prop 19. There are even some cute cliches in there and everything. But, make no mistake, it’s still a campaign ad for his senate campaign. (MP3 here)

* The LA Times is following up on the stories about Bell. First, there’s the story about how the City was cutting services while giving top staff big increases, and then the news that the city council cut their salaries down to $673/month, a 90% cut.  

* Guess who is giving money to both Carly Fiorina and Prop 23 (kill AB32)?  Why, it’s the coal interests, of course.  I mean, why not, Barbara Boxer is always worrying about the “weather”.

* Marisa Lagos outlines the battle over funding municipalities and counties and Prop 22.