July 30 Open Thread


* Dan Lungren got busted for speeding while doing an interview on the radio this morning.

* Jerry Brown announced some plans for education and the environment on his website, but apparently nobody was paying attention.  I guess you have to put out a 40 page glossy magazine to a million people to get any attention these days.

* Mark Leno appeared on CNBC to talk about cell phone radiation. The cell phone industry group (CTIA) has been fighting point of purchase disclosure for some time now.  Apparently the truth won’t set you free at your local Radio Shack.

* The Federal government blocked the sale of EdFund. So much for another budget gimmick.

* Some of the gaming tribes are among the first to use the Citizens United loopholes.  They used some of their cash to support Jeff Denham’s Congressional bid.

* Arnold: Well…maybe we can pass a budget this year.

* The Bay Area Council slams a group of Peninsula cities for obstructing the high speed rail project.

One thought on “July 30 Open Thread”

  1. The CTIA is just another corporate lobby.

    But while we could disclose the amount of EM put off by a phone, what good would it do?  This is a case where the scientific community actually agrees with the lobbyists.

    There’s no physics to suggest that electromagnetic radiation in that range can ionize anything in your body.  At most, any physiological effect would have to come from heating.

    We tend to have science on our side in areas like global warming and related policy, and in controlling the use of toxic chemicals used in agriculture.  But most of the concern about electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and cell towers is just that — concern.  I’m a little wary of giving it validation.

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