Candidate Lutz hosts hunger strike kickoff rally at El Cajon Promenade


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Candidate Lutz hosts hunger strike kickoff rally at El Cajon Promenade

Time: 5:30pm, August 13, 2010

Location: El Cajon Park Promenade, near the Lutz for Congress Campaign office at 165 E. Main, Suite B, El Cajon CA.

Media is invited.

San Diego County, Calif. (August 13, 2010) – “This is ground zero in our hunger war,” said Raymond Lutz, congressional candidate for California’s 52nd district, as he held up the new banner that would hang from his El Cajon “Isolation Booth.” The banner, which reads “Hungry for accountability in Congress: It starts with Debate,” also jabs his opponent, Rep. Duncan D. Hunter with the comment, “We’re ‘Hunting’ for an opponent.”

Lutz kicks off his hunger strike with a bang, as the El Cajon Park Promenade, which has been completely re-built, hosts its first concert performance for 2010, tonight at 5:30p.m.

“This strike is about all the issues that aren’t being debated because of Hunter’s ego,” Lutz said. “For instance, what is Hunter’s plan to help the 430,000 hungry people in San Diego at or near the poverty line? After 19 months in Congress, I’m still waiting to hear word one about them.”

Lutz will be at his self-described “food isolation booth,” equipped with a cot for him to lounge on, with petitions available for supporters to both pledge to go without food for a day and donate the cost of a day’s food to Lutz’s campaign.

In an earlier statement, Lutz had pledged, “Until Hunter steps up to the plate to debate, I’ll be stepping away from the dinner plate.” The candidate, known for standing up against Blackwater in small communities throughout San Diego county, has pledged to sit in his public isolation booth many days throughout the hunger strike.

“Our democracy is broken, we keep electing unqualified incumbents because the voters never see the candidates in honest debates around the district, in their own neighborhoods, and don’t have an opportunity to compare them head-to-head,” Lutz continued. “The only thing they have to go on, is party affiliation, 30-second negative ads, soundbites, and how big the signs are. Honestly, I’m not surprised Congress gives us poor results. This situation needs to be turned around, and with your help we can do it.”

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