Strike Day 4: Starving candidate Lutz to make hunger strike-related announcement


Ray Lutz for Congress 2010

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Strike Day 4: Starving candidate Lutz to make hunger strike-related announcement at Monday Press conference

San Diego County, Calif. (August 16, 2010) – Democratic Congressional Candidate Raymond Lutz will be holding a press conference at 3:30p.m. Monday, August 16, at the El Cajon Park Promenade. Candidate Lutz will be making a major announcement regarding his hunger strike, which will be in its fourth day.

Lutz is running against incumbent Duncan D. Hunter for California’s 52nd congressional seat. He began his hunger strike on August 12, after Hunter’s office failed to respond to Lutz’s second formal debate invitation.

The strike has garnered national press, and raised the issue regarding the electorate’s right to see their candidates confront each other.

Monday’s press conference will feature comments from a special guest, the announcement of a revised proposal for debates in the 52nd district, a statement about the future of the Lutz campaign (should Hunter still refuse to participate in a series of debates), and the announcement of a new partnership between the Lutz campaign and a major community organization.

One additional note: In press statements the Hunter campaign has announced a probable agreement to participate in one debate vaguely discussed for October. We would like to clarify that the Lutz campaign has received no direct correspondence from the Hunter campaign regarding this or any other matter. We have received no response regarding any tentative October debate via in-person, telephone, written or electronic correspondence.

It should be noted that the absentee ballots are distributed to voters on October 4 making a mid-October debate too late to be of value to many mail-in voters.

Lutz commented, “If Hunter can’t find the time or character for debate during his legislative recess what guarantee will I have that he would even show up for an October debate? Let’s be clear here, Hunter benefits from not participating in a debate. It doesn’t benefit anybody else, and certainly not the voters.”

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