August 20 Open Thread

Links for your weekend:

* The CA Republican party has had problems raising cash. That didn’t stop them from paying some pretty nifty salaries to the muckety-mucks though who, umm, also happen to work for legislators.  Seems sketchy.

* Speaking of the CRP, they enied the CA Republican Assemblythe fringe conservative group, access to their facilities at the state convention going on San Diego this weekend. Apparently the CRP noticed that backing Prop 187’s anti-Latino measures isn’t the way to go these days.

* Another reason to vote against Meg Whitman: she would defend Prop 8. ‘Nuff said.

* The right-wing is freaking out a little bit about Whitman’s shifting immigration stances.

9 thoughts on “August 20 Open Thread”

  1. The CRA is the heart and soul of the GOP.  That’s why Republicans are lost in e wilderness.

  2. The CRA is the heart and soul of the GOP.  That’s why Republicans are lost in e wilderness.

  3. We know where Meg and Carli stand – as my hopefully soon-to-be husband Dan said “There is no reason we shouldn’t get 100% turnout in WeHo, the Castro and other areas of the state”

    Maybe we took Prop 8 for granted two years ago.  For more than just gay rights reasons, there is no way we can complacently sit by and watch disaster strike again this November 2

  4. if Meg Whitman honestly believes that promising the taxpayers’ money to defend Prop 8 in court is a winning plan, then she’s an even worse CEO than I previously thought.

    I can’t imagine that any Californian outside of the far right religious wing would think that this is the best idea for our money.

    Besidies, it seems quite clear that the proponents of 8 have bountiful resources and are more than willing to spend their own money defending  

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