August 26 Open Thread


* Looks like sunshine wins over CSU’s secrecy. They had to release Sarah Palin’s contract.  The CSU-Stanislaus foundation paid her $75,000, plus expenses.  Her demands included first-class airfare (or a Lear jet), prescreened questions, and “bendable straws.”

* The Congressional campaign of Mike Berryhill isn’t doing too well.  The challenger for Dennis Cardoza also got slammed by a former staffer.

* SFWeekly has a profile of Nancy Pelosi. It’s a bit of a journalistic mishmash.

* The “big 5” had a meeting today, their first in a while.

3 thoughts on “August 26 Open Thread”

  1. looks like she forgot to demand that client provide wardrobe. You don’t invite white trash to black tie and not plan to dress her.

    Guess she figured she’d grift a gown once she got to Cali.

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