Leadership Change for Senate Republicans?

Over at Capitol Alert, there is some speculation about when the Senate Republicans will transition from the leadership of Sen. Hollingsworth to Sen. Dutton.  But in typical Republican style, they are using this to leverage additional concessions from the Democrats.

“If the Democrats drop their demands for unsustainable levels of spending and higher taxes, then it’ll mean we’re probably getting pretty close and there’s no reason why we couldn’t postpone the transition and finish it off,” Hollingsworth said. “But if they are not going to drop those demands for higher spending and higher taxes, it means we’re essentially at square one and there wouldn’t be any harm in Sen. Dutton taking over because there wouldn’t be very involved negotiations happening yet.”(SacBee)

Hey, Hollingsworth, if you all drop your demands of drowning the state government, then perhaps we’ll wrap this up quickly too.

4 thoughts on “Leadership Change for Senate Republicans?”

  1. Republican Party in Sacramento? Where? All I hear is rhetoric from the Libertarian Party, There hasn’t been a real caring Republican since President Richard M Nixon, He signed the Supplemental Security Income Program into law, Most today who spout Liber Junk are real RINOs… Not the ones who listen to the Rushies…

  2. We will need spending cuts and NO tax increases, or you will NEVER get support from Senator Dutton. I am actually a subscriber to his email list since his district office added me to his list because I am a regional political blogger in my area.

    Negotiations will likely never happen then due to Dutton’s demands.  

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