August 30 Open Thread


* How do we set the rates for insurance? Well, under the federal legislation, we weren’t supposed to be authorizing rates state by state.  A recent law (SB1163) would allow insurance companies to require a “acuarily sound” rate.

* John Myers looks at Dan Schnur’s efforts to expand disclosure.

* Carly Fiorina brought something of a do whatever it takes to make a buck philosophy to HP that seems to have persisted there.  They got fined $55 million for defrauding the federal goverment, but hey, they picked up a $800 million deal.  Cost of doing business, right?

* A little tiff in the OC DA’s office between former Asm. Todd Spitzer and current DA Tony Rackauckas.

* Capitol Weekly takes a look at some various last minute legislative pushes.