How Nice of Her to Join Us Commoners

San Francisco has a lot of courts, and a lot of litigation is done here.  So, there is always a need for jurors.  I’ve been called several times, and a word for the wise: Hope for the civil courts: the facilities are much nicer as you wait there.

But, it seems that Queen Meg Whitman deigned to join the common folk for jury duty yesterday:

Her campaign said Whitman was called, showed up, filled out the questionaire today — and is actually still in the jury pool. She may still be called to return later in the week, they said.

The funny part: the judge actually asked the former eBay CEO if she had any hardships, or scheduling problems with serving. That’s when she informed him that…uh, she was running for governor of California.

Darrel Ng, spokesman for Whitman, issued this statement: “Meg Whitman was called to do jury duty today. She enjoyed meeting her fellow potential jurors this afternoon, but looks forward to returning to the campaign trail where she can continue to tell Californians about her plans to create 2 million jobs during the next 5 years.” (SFGate)

Isn’t it sweet that she introduced herself to the fellow jurors? Super sweet! I wonder if she introduced herself to the court employees that she hopes to fire as well. But, you know, she’ll tell them how she’d definitiely, totally, going to create a new job for them (perhaps as her private plane pilot?!) once they are laid off. It’s going to be great. Seriously!

Props to Carla Marinucci and the SF Gate crew for the follow-up joke: at least we know she is registered to vote now.

But that brings up the larger question, doesn’t it?  For years she hadn’t even registered to vote.  Of course, that generally means no jury duty as well. But what else does Meg Whitman not do because she is…umm…Meg Whitman?

Oh, the possibilities when you are uber wealthy!

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  1. But actually they went to using DMV records a while back.  Unfortunately, there are still people out there who don’t register to vote because they think doing so will get them out of jury duty.  This joke may have served to confirm some of them in that behavior.  

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