Drill, As In A Drill to the Head

The legislature went through something of a budget vote drill today, with both the GOP and Democratic budget plans not really approaching the necessary 2/3 votes:

Both fell well short of the required two-thirds majority (54 votes in the Assembly and 27 in the Senate), although Assembly and Senate leaders left the voting rolls open.

In the Assembly, initial tallies had the Democratic plan six votes short and the GOP approach 29 votes short.

In the Senate, the GOP plan was 15 votes short and the Democratic proposal six votes short.(SacBee)

That being said, this was a good day.  It gets legislators on record and shows the state just how ridiculous our 2/3 budget process really is.

And hey, look at that, there is a majority vote budget measure on the ballot. How convenient!

4 thoughts on “Drill, As In A Drill to the Head”

  1. Majority vote on the budget would be ok in my personal opinion, but Prop 25 according to a Fox & Hounds columnist would allow for progressive policy measures to have an easier time passing as long as an appropriation gets passed by its respective department.

    So, if conservatives don’t like Senator Leno’s single payer bill and it becomes law people would not be able to repeal it because it was passed by majority vote.

    I just hate it when good ballot measures get killed by poison pills.


  2. I can’t even remember the last time the budget was on time.

    The state is supposed to set its budget June 15, so schools can submit their budgets June 30.

    School has already started, and school districts still don’t know how much money to budget for this year, even though they’ve already had to start spending it to meet their legal obligations to educate our children.

    The Feds are trying to send us money to save teachers, but I doubt it can be spent in California until a budget is passed.

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