September 14 Open Thread


* UC Berkeley’s Institute for Governmental Studies is having a panel discussion on the governor’s race on Sept 20.

* Dr. Ami Bera is hitting Dan Lungren on his pension.  There’s a lot of grist with Lungren.  Hopefully we will see something that focuses on the pension rather than the ethics issues and Lungren’s poor positions on the issues.

* Lots of discussion about Jerry Brown’s apology to Bill Clinton. According to CalBuzz, Clinton was going to campaign for Jerry before the bad joke. Also, Clinton endorsed Brown later in the day.

* Speaker Pelosi’s GOP competitor has an ad up. Verrrry classy.

One thought on “September 14 Open Thread”

  1. And I’m sure he’d as helpful to California as he seems to be to Arkansas by supporting Lincoln. Get the hell out of politics, Bill. You’ve been poison to the party since Monica-gate, if not sooner. And Al Gore would’ve won by 51% or higher if not for your shenanigans. So Jerry is now more likely to earn my support for that one quip than anything in your so-called career.  

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