How Many Votes Did Meg Whitman Trash Talk Away In Describing Fresno? Sen. Dean Florez Fires Back


SACRAMENTO – Senator Dean Florez, D-Shafter, responding to gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s recent description of Fresno as looking like Detroit and calling it “awful,” Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez who represents portions of Fresno made the following statement:

“Billionaire Meg Whitman gave us a quick peek as to just how out of touch she is with the realities of working Californians by describing the city of Fresno as “awful.”  While we may not travel by private jet, have the biggest homes or live by designer labels as Ms. Whitman, we in the Valley have great pride in our city and in our ability to feed the world.  I don’t think Ms. Whitman recognizes how her comments stigmatize Fresno and the folks who live here.  Whether it was purposeful or not, it just shows how unprepared she is to lead this state by making such off-hand and ignorant statements about an important part of California.”

As the saying goes, from a political perspective, apparently “Not the brightest light in the Chandelier” kind of statement.  Rookie candidate mistake?

Trash Talking Any City In California, while running for Statewide office, especially Governor, makes one wonder if she is actually spotting Jerry Brown five points! Wonder how many folks in Fresno will vote and wouldn’t it be interesting if the race for Governor was lost by Whitman by the number of registered voters in Fresno? Something for Meg’s team to chew on for awhile…..

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One thought on “How Many Votes Did Meg Whitman Trash Talk Away In Describing Fresno? Sen. Dean Florez Fires Back”

  1. if you spend much time around bay area republicans, you hear a lot of these sort of insults aimed at the central valley, mostly on the lines of poverty, number of mexicans, and not looking as fabulous as their neighborhoods in atherton, los gatos, pacific heights or the oakland hills.

    it is worth noting that obama won fresno county last election cycle, the valley is increasingly becoming a swing region. i would love to see jerry brown show up in the valley and play some offense.

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