Stop the Sacramento budget cuts to our schools

Today, we launched the brand new

There’s a lot at stake right now. Right wing extremists and their special interests want to balance the budget on the backs of our schools and our children. Simply put, I need your help to stop them.

I’m asking for you to visit our new site and sign up for our action alerts. Help us put a stop to these awful budget cuts.

The Governor’s budget proposal would be disastrous for our local schools – cutting over $12 million in direct classroom support. Coupled with other cuts, that’s nearly a $20 million loss for our local schools. That means larger classes, fewer books, older computers, fewer after school programs and less opportunity for our children.

Time is running out – with a potential budget vote likely to come later this week, we have only a few days to stop this.

On the new, you can join thousands of teachers and parents in signing our petition to the Governor to stop these cuts.

I will not allow right wing extremists to cut public education funding to balance the budget.

I’ve always been a budget hawk. While on the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco, I established the largest “Rainy Day” fund in the city’s history. In Sacramento, I have called for more transparency in our arcane budgeting process.

However, I can’t in good conscience let these cuts happen.

I hope you will sign up and use the tools to help me stop these cuts that balance our budget on the backs of our children and our schools.


Senator Leland Yee

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