A Framework of a Budget?

This is going around the California politics world right now like a Britney Spears haircut goes through the papparazi blogs, but why not have it here too:

“The governor and the leaders have reached a framework of an agreement. We will continue to work through the details over the weekend and hope to come to a final agreement Monday when they reconvene,” said Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear. He declined to provide any details. (LA Times)

By no details, they mean it.  Which of many ways will working Californians get the shaft? What’s the deal with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s threat not to sign any budget without a deal on pension reform?  Questions, we have plenty. Not so much on the answer front.

6 thoughts on “A Framework of a Budget?”

  1. …the Dems will cave on all the major stuff and the GOP will get everything they want but still ostracize whichever 3 walk the plank and vote on it.

    Obviously, that’s never happened before, so nobody cooky have predicted,

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