Eric Hogue: There Is More than One Latino Assembly Member?

This is really classic GOP. Insensitivity bordering on the farcical, connecting dots that aren’t really there and a whole lot more.  Really good stuff.  Here’s the story, apparently an aide to Asm. Hector De La Torre had some documentation problems.  Mr. Hogue, who is something of a nativist from his perch in Sacramento minor radio personality land, decides that this is a great opportunity to bash Jerry Brown.

Why? Well, because Asm. De La Torre has endorsed Jerry for the governorship. So, you know, every Democrat’s problems are Jerry’s problems now.  But it gets better.  Hogue tries to increase the connection by showing that De La Torre was quoted on Brown’s website.  The only problem?  It was actually Asm. Kevin De Leon who was quoted.  Hogue has since changed the site, so here’s a screen grab that I took:

Hogue 1

As I said, the post is still up, but it has now been changed. Unfortunately, they didn’t really clean up after themselves, and now it just doesn’t even make sense:

Assemblyman De La Torre is quoted  is listed on Jerry Brown’s campaign website:

Southern California Latino leaders today joined together to announce their support for Jerry Brown’s campaign for Governor and decry Republican Meg Whitman’s anti-Latino positions and deceptive campaign tactics.

I guess when you are trying to spin this hard, sometimes you are going to confuse yourself. Or maybe to Hogue “Hector de La Torre” = “Kevin De Leon”?  Who knows, but this immigration story just continues to control the media narrative.

Over the flip, find a screen grab with more of the post.

Hogue 2