Courage Campaign Launches Progressive Voter Guide

Ballots for the November election are already hitting voters’ mailboxes – meaning it’s time for progressives to make their decisions on the nine ballot propositions. And the Courage Campaign, joined by our friends at CREDO, are here to help!

As with the November 2008 election and the June 2010 primary election, the Courage Campaign – where I work as Public Policy Director – has produced a Progressive Voter Guide. This year we’ve partnered with CREDO to bring the guide to you. It includes Courage Campaign and CREDO recommendations on the nine propositions, as well as the recommendations of other statewide progressive groups such as the California Democratic Party, the California Nurses Association, the California Federation of Teachers, the California League of Conservation Voters – and of course, Calitics. (We’ll have more on the Calitics proposition endorsements in a separate post later this week.)

You can click here to get the guide as a PDF and send it to your family and friends. You can also get a mobile version of the guide sent to your phone by texting VOTECA to 30644.

One of the primary reasons Californians – and progressives in particular – don’t vote in these primary elections is a lack of information about the choices on the ballot. By providing this voter guide, we’re providing information – and that translates to voter turnout.

So please download the voter guide, or get it sent to your phone, and share it with your family and friends.

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