Bill Clinton’s Swing Through California

President Clinton is going to be making a swing through California to do some fundraisers and a pair of rallies for Gavin Newsom and Jerry Brown.  The CDP has the deets on the two rallies, and you can sign up at:

Let’s get together to make some noise and spread the word about how important it is that every Democrat vote. Whether you vote by mail this month or if you come out to the polls on November 2 – we need your vote.


Friday, October 15 – Doors open at 6:00 p.m.

UCLA – Dickson Court (outdoor location), Charles E. Young Drive and Dickson Court, Los Angeles, 90084


Sunday, October 17 – Doors open at 7:00 p.m.

San Jose State University – Event Center (indoor arena), 290 South 7th Street, San José, 95192

The Big Dog always makes for an entertaining evening, so be sure to sign up ASAP! Bonus good seats if you make some phone calls beforehand.