We’re getting the word out: Carly is bad for women, bad for California

by EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock

Fasten your seatbelts: EMILY’s List is going all out in these last two weeks before the election for Sen. Barbara Boxer, one of our strongest progressive advocates. Our WOMEN VOTE! project in California is hitting the airwaves and reaching out to women voters to spread the truth about Carly Fiorina: she’d be disastrous for women and for California.

This race is a dead heat for one reason and one reason alone: women voters don’t have the information they need about Carly Fiorina. From her courtship of the Tea Party and Sarah Palin to her catastrophic tenure at HP – and her unwillingness to make job creation a priority – Carly Fiorina’s real agenda would be devastating to women and their families in California and throughout the country.

Team EMILY, our new volunteer program, will have over 400 women making calls to potential drop-off women voters throughout California. Why? Our research makes it clear: these women voters need trusted information and explanation of why their votes matter. They need to know about Carly’s extreme agenda: repealing health care reform and taking away women’s rights to make their own health care choices.

Our effort, talking to voters and getting on TV, highlights Carly’s long record of failure: axing 33,000 jobs while at HP; shipping nearly 10,000 jobs overseas; and floating away with a $42 million golden parachute after getting fired and leaving her company in tatters. “Opera,” our hard-hitting ad that shows voters Carly’s true colors, will be airing largely in LA, including shows like Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, Judge Judy, Dancing With the Stars, Dr. Phil, Letterman, and evening news programs. Watch our spot for yourself:

One thought on “We’re getting the word out: Carly is bad for women, bad for California”

  1. Republicans seem to think they can gain the support of women voters by running a woman candidate–whether or not that candidate supports the issues that are important to us and to our families.

    You’d think they would have learned with Sarah Palin in 2008. But the GOP is nothing if not stubborn in their wrong-headed views.

    Good for the team at EMILY’s List. Carly was bad for HP, she’ll be worse for California, the nation–and especially for women. It saddens me to say that about a sister. But it’s also, sadly, quite obviously true.

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