GOP Might Consider Putting Tax Increases on Ballot, If Tax Decreases Are Too

The GOP was getting a little bit unsettled by the tack Jerry Brown has taken: demanding that they give voters a choice.  You see, they want to give the voters a choice between tax increases and tax decreases. Carla Marinucci has it:

Jon Coupal, who heads the influential Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, told the Chronicle/ today that some Republican lawmakers in Sacrameto came up with the idea after Brown argued at Monday’s State of the State address that GOP lawmakers may be seen as “thumbing their nose” at voters by blocking a special election to allow them to weigh in on tax extensions and billions in budget cuts.

Asked how Republicans could meet or even counter Brown’s challenge, Coupal said: “I think it’s quite easy.”

“I think the Republicans should agree to put those tax increases on the ballot on one condition: parallel tax reductions.”(SF Gate)

So, you know one of the oldest tricks in the handbook to killing a ballot measure? But an opposite campaign that will trick voters into just saying, a pox on both their houses.

In other words. No. No. No.

This is only a choice in so far as voting in Myanmar (or Egypt) involves a choice. This is a way to kill the revenue increases and leave our state choking to death.  This proposal is a flat out non-starter.

15 thoughts on “GOP Might Consider Putting Tax Increases on Ballot, If Tax Decreases Are Too”

  1. Let’s hope Sacramento Democrats realize this and, like a protestor in Tahrir Square after hearing Mubarak pledge to “not run for re-election” refuse to accept the half loaf and stay until they get everything they deserve.

  2. …if it meant a reduction in some of the more regressive taxes (sales & use, property, or even tolls, transit fares, tuition @ uc, csu, etc)for increases to deal with the deficit we are currently in.  just extending the current batch of regressive taxes-no i opposed that 2 yrs ago & i still oppose it.  and i might also say that govt in this state hasnt proven to me that if they get more $$$ the results get better.  

    there is so much goddamn wealth in the hands of so few powerful & the dems do nothing about it.  corps r not going to pay more-yet people want that most, wtf?

  3. I don’t quite understand why this is such a bad idea.

    If the premise is that the “people” are the ones who have to give their imprimatur to the solution out of our financial mess, then why shouldn’t we allow the full spectrum of possibilities on the ballot and see what happens?

    If a majority of Californians vote to reduce taxes and thus cause the collapse of the University of California, or its privatization or something, isn’t that the voters’ prerogative?

    I think there should be multiple ballot measures representing various financial scenarios (huge tax increase on the rich, huge tax decrease on the rich, Brown’s plan, etc etc).

    I think part of the problem is that the premise is STUPID. Why should the people have to vote on an approved budget that includes tax increases? It was a bad campaign pledge made by Brown.

  4.  You can give the middle class and TRUE tax cut by saying all those that makes less than $50K a year are exempt. You would increase savings and spending across the board.

    Republicans won’t like that because then more Californians could vote with their feet, so to speak.

    For example, don’t like Edison, put panels on your house and wire up a battery or propane back up, done, done and done. With Federal and State Tax credits + the income to even do such a thing, you could actually afford to do it!

    Don’t like Chevron, you can now afford a car that gets better mileage so you can drive 5-6 miles out of way to avoid them.

    I just did my taxes, I made a meager $1461 last year. With earned tax credit and a few other minor things, I’m getting back enough to replace my TV. I’ll be putting it right back into the economy.

    Seems me this is Economics 101, put money into the hands of people that will spend it, which will put more people to work and spur demand, C’mon even a 5 year old understands this.

    By exempting those on the lower end of the scale, you would then increase taxes on the top half to pay for it all. Where are they going to go Nevada? Arizona? They would have left already don’t be silly.


  5. There is a problem

    Don’t the extensions require a 2/3rds vote ?

    The polling doesn’t indicate 2/3rds support for the extensions

    I’m just a little worried about the election

    I wonder if unions and Democrats have plans to mobilize their voters ?

    I’m SURE Republicans will

  6. Jerry Brown himself called it “unconscionable” to not let the voters decide and during last weeks State of the State speech, Brown’s mouth part expelled this hypocritical gem:

    “In the ordinary course of things, matters of state concern are properly handled in Sacramento. But when the elected representatives find themselves bogged down by deep differences which divide them, the only way forward is to go back to the people and seek their guidance. It’s time for a legislative check-in with the people of California.”

    Let us vote Jerry, let us vote!

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