Lashing Out at John and Ken

PhotobucketA surprising fundraiser took place yesterday, one that will inevitably anger a portion of the Republican base.  

The event set out to mock the antics of radio personalities John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, whose KFI-AM (640) program has put the lawmakers’ “heads on a stick” for engaging with Brown. The targeted GOPers wore paper cutouts of their own heads taped to popsicle sticks, tucked in the breast pocket of their suits. The fundraiser was billed as a celebration of “leaders on a stick.”

“This is not a commitment to a vote or anything like that, but you just can’t say no all the time,” said Assemblyman Paul Cook (R-Yucaipa), one of the hosts, of the potential budget accord.(LA Times)

Republicans don’t lightly dismiss the dual-headed scorpion of the right.  The leaders of this little event will certainly end up being excoriated on the right for even considering negotiation.  And so it is.

At the same time, what just happened at this event? A bunch of Republicans who have never really crossed party zealots on any issue this substantial are now saying they are going to do so? Hardly.  They are raising some cash by toying with a few optimists.  Could they consider voting for a revenue measure? Perhaps, but none of these legislators has any substantial record of bipartisanship.  Paul Cook is termed out and Tom Berryhill said during the winter that the “budget was not their (the GOP’s) problem.”  Hardly an inspirational group, and my confidence that these folks are just going to sing Kumbaya and support a balanced approach at the budget isn’t really all that strong.

But maybe poking a scorpion is a good way to start.

3 thoughts on “Lashing Out at John and Ken”

  1. If the Republicans are NOT going to vote for a possible budget solution……

    WHY is Brown WAITING to start circulating petitions for a tax extension ?

    This makes no sense

    Use a ballot initiative to get the tax extensions passed

    Use a ballot initiative to get a new tax bracket for those making over $500K


    WHY is Brown delaying ??

    WHY are Democrats NOT starting the process ???

  2. Brian,

    I am amazed at your lack of gratitude toward John and Ken.  Although Meg Whitman probably would have lost without the John and Ken Show, her appearance there was really the end of her campaign.  I am not a regular listener of their show, but from what I know, they only attack Republicans and they are quite effective.  You should show them a little more gratitude.

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