Will There be A Congressional Frenzy Next Year as the Music Stops?

With the draft redistricting maps, all of the members of Congress are busy trying to figure out where they will run.  The musical chairs as Reps. shift down the street or to another area entirely won’t really be complete until we get a real map.  At this point, it looks like the commissioners are working pretty well together, and may actually get a map. (Oh, and if that happens…well, I was wrong about them not being able to agree. But I’m still waiting to admit anything yet.)

But as the musical chairs progresses, a few folks who didn’t have a seat before are looking for one now.  And the Top-2 system might play in here.  In an area mainly represented by Ken Calvert (R-Corruption and Riverside Cty.), who is looking towards shifting to a different district, a sitting Supervisor thinks it might be time to launch a campaign from the center:

Five-term Riverside County Supervisor John Tavaglione said Thursday he would run for Congress in a newly proposed district that overlaps much of his current territory. … As currently drawn, that seat would contain slightly more Democrats than Republicans and Gov. Jerry Brown bested his Republican challenger, Meg Whitman, by 6 percentage points last year.

Tavaglione, who lives in Riverside, described himself as a moderate Republican with a record of working across party lines.

“I believe we need to see balance — and strong balance — within our legislative offices in order to get things done,” he said. “That takes strong leadership and I’ve proven myself in that regard.” (Riverside P-E)

Now, that district could, and really should, be a Democratic district.  If the presidential election is a blowout for Obama in California, this seat will probably ride the coattails.  Otherwise, who knows.  However, it is no sure thing that a “moderate” like Tavaglione will be the GOP standard bearer, and Dems are likely to find somebody with a similarly “moderate” record. But there are so many variables here with Top 2.  How many Dems run, how many Republicans run?  The Dem bench is a little thin in this area, so it would be surprising to see more than a couple competitors.  However, at least one other Republican, Asm. Jeff Miller, who is not a “moderate” announced he is in for the seat.  Expect others.

Of course, this process is playing out in other districts across the state.  The North Coast will likely be looking for a new Congress member, and the rumors of Noreen Evans running might not work as her Santa Rosa base is now in a seat that Mike Thompson will likely pursue.  Norman Solomon and a Jared Huffman are also looking at that one.

With the Top-2 system, both June and November will carry much weight as these races sort themselves out.  Now we just wait on the Commission…

UPDATE: More intrigue, with Asm. Isadore Hall saying he’s running for one of the new seats, but only if Maxine Waters doesn’t want it.  You’ll find his release over the flip.

Assemblymember Isadore Hall Announces Campaign for Congress                                                    

Compton, California – California State Assemblymember Isadore Hall announced his campaign for Congress today.  Hall intends to run in a new Congressional District, which according to the first draft of maps released by the California Citizens Redistricting Committee on June 10th, might include the cities of Compton, Carson, Lynwood, Hawthorne, Gardena, Lawndale, portions of the City of Los Angeles and Unincorporated Los Angeles County.

“As a local School Board Member, Councilmember and Assemblymember, I have worked tirelessly to make a difference in this community,” said Hall. “Our district needs a representative that will fight cuts to education and gang prevention programs, protect critical frontline services, and partner with President Obama to create family wage jobs.”  

“I have spent the past few days talking with friends and community leaders about running for this new seat,” Hall added.  “The response has been overwhelming and I am energized by the grassroots support we have already received.”

Hall is a former two term President of the Compton Unified School District Board of Trustees. He was elected to the Compton City Council in 2003 where he served in various leadership positions including Mayor pro Tempore.  Hall was elected to the California State Assembly in 2008 and served as Assistant Speaker pro Tempore during his first term. He currently serves as a member of the Appropriations, Elections and Redistricting and Human Services Committees. He chairs the Assembly Committee on Government Organization.

The youngest of six children, Hall was born and raised in the City of Compton.  Hall holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration, a Masters Degree in Management and Leadership from the University of Southern California, a Masters Degree in Public Administration from National University and will be conveyed his Ph.D. from Next Dimension Bible College later this summer.

No incumbent member of Congress currently lives in the proposed Congressional District; however, Hall will not seek election to Congress in the event that Congresswoman Maxine Waters seeks to represent the new district.  

6 thoughts on “Will There be A Congressional Frenzy Next Year as the Music Stops?”

  1. Very real possibility Rep. Lynn Woolsey is retiring; the 6th currently includes Marin and most of Sonoma Counties. The retirement talk has been going for some time now and Jared Huffman and Norman Solomon are definitely interested in the seat.

    What a new district running from Marin to Del Norte may mean is going to be interesting. Certainly it may make Lynn’s decision a lot easier.

  2. Any chance that Bill Hedrick runs in that Riverside County district.  He did well in Corona (which is in the new ‘Perris’ district Calvert will likely run in) but is from up in Redlands.  Would the Democratic lean of that district help him?

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