Who’s On Deck?

Photobucketby Brian Leubitz

A few weeks ago, it was nearly impossible to find any good maps of the proposed districts.  Now that we have a tentative final map, they are sprouting up everywhere.  And with all the shakeups in the maps, it is pretty hard to keep track of who is in what district, who is going to run next time, and where the hot races will be.

However, AroundTheCapitol.com is looking to put some of that information in one easy place. They have set up pages with the maps of every district, who is in the district now (or the nearest approximation of the district) and who will run.  I randomly chose a district to check out, so here is the page for the 10th AD as defined in the new maps.  (It is basically Jared Huffman’s current district.)

Scott Lay, the creator of the site, is accepting information about who is running in the districts and updating accordingly.  You can also leave your comments using the facebook commenting system.

If you have info, or want info, on the districts, it is definitely a nice little site to check out over the next few weeks.