Tell Jerry How You Feel

Revamped feedback form offers quick way of marking your opinion.

by Brian Leubitz

Gov. Brown isn’t necessarily the most wired Governor among the 50 states, but his Administration hasn’t been bad at getting the word out online.  The Governor’s social media sites are regularly updated, and they make an effort to get content out there.  

And now they have updated their contact page.  You can let them know your feelings on pretty much any issue, or the pending legislation on his desk by going to this form.

So, you know, go tell him how you feel, and, perhaps, that you’d prefer not to sing the blues.

3 thoughts on “Tell Jerry How You Feel”

  1. Just because the League goes one way doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. The cities of OC left the California League of Cities because they found it to be a leftie group. (Not saying I agree, just a data point.)

    I thought most of the bills for which they had a “request for signature” were pretty good ones.

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