Why Chris Cunnie is the Best Choice for SF Sheriff

(I worked with Chris Cunnie on the AG’s election, and he is a good guy who really knows his stuff. – promoted by Brian Leubitz)

By: Attorney General Kamala Harris

They say true convictions are what you display when no one is looking and there is nothing to gain. I have seen the true convictions of Chris Cunnie – which is why I am so convinced he is the best choice to be our next Sheriff.

When I was running for Attorney General there were many “insiders” who said my Smart on Crime platforms would make me unelectable in many parts of California. So when I stood up as a candidate for Attorney General to explain why we must balance long prison terms for offenders with early intervention and other Smart on Crime programs – very few people stood up with me at first.

Chris Cunnie was one of the few.

We made quite a pair I guess – the African American District Attorney and the Irish-American former police officer. But Chris was always there for me and truly understood what my campaign was all about. From Bakersfield to Fresno, to East San Diego County and places in between, Chris stood up and testified for my Smart on Crime programs. He helped me fight for a public safety strategy that would focus on keeping kids in school, helping ex-offenders get back on the right track, job training and drug treatment for people in prison so they could succeed when they were released. AND he focused enforcement on serious and violent crimes to make our neighborhoods safer.

Chris Cunnie understands what works because he has done BOTH. He served as a decorated police officer in virtually every San Francisco neighborhood. He was an early leader and advocate for community policing. He has given our city incredible service and honed his leadership skills as Director of Emergency Communications, Chief of Investigations in my DA’s Office and finally as Undersheriff – the number two leader in the jails – under Michael Hennessey.

Chris has also been a strong leader in the treatment and prevention community. He was head of Walden House, one of the country’s leading treatment facilities. He served on the state board helping those who are drug and alcohol dependent stay out of the criminal justice system if they sought and stayed in treatment. And, as I mentioned above, he has been one of the leading advocates for my Smart on Crime platforms.

We need experienced leaders to serve in law enforcement in San Francisco. Chris Cunnie has earned my whole-hearted support and I so strongly urge you to join me in support of Chris Cunnie for Sheriff on November 8.

11 thoughts on “Why Chris Cunnie is the Best Choice for SF Sheriff”

  1. I’ve just voted for Paul Miyamoto

    He’s a deputy who worked his way up the ranks

    Kamala Harris was a LOUSY DA

    Her first big case was ‘Fajita Gate’

    Open and shut case of an cop who was the Deputy chief’s son

    He stole a fajita from some citizen and beat him and his friend

    A complete cover up by the Police Department

    Little Miss Kamala BLEW THE CASE !!

    I could have won that case, and I DON’T have a law degree

    She blew it

    Her mismanagement of the SF Crime Lab resulted in HUNDREDS of Convicted prisoners being released

    Thanks, Kamala

    You’re doin’ a Heckuva job !!!

  2. Chris has the exact combination of experience and commitment to public safety that we need.  He knows law enforcement from his days as a beat cop, but he also knows that we simply can’t keep doing what we’re doing.  His experience at Walden House is just what we need.  Using genuine rehabilitation programs, Chris will work to both reduce costs at the SF jails and lower recidivism.

    If you drew up qualifications for a sheriff, it would read like Chris’ resume. He has seen every side of the equation and will be the best person for the job.

  3. Popular outgoing SF Sheriff Mike Hennessey has given a strong endorsement to Ross Mirkirimi.  The SF Bay Guardian also recommends Mirkirimi as by far the best choice for progressives.  Here’s what the Guardian had to say about Chris Cunnie:

    Cunnie was head of the POA when that union opposed the police reform measure that gave the supervisors three appointments to the Police Commission. He made a habit of blasting progressive District Attorney Terence Hallinan for not being nice enough to the cops. And under his leadership, the POA opposed a promotions plan designed to bring more women and people of color into leadership positions in the SFPD. He’s done some good things, and told us he wants to work to get people with substance abuse problems out of the legal system and into treatment (he was a very successful executive at Walden House, the treatment facility). But he’s endorsed by POA President Gary Delagnes, who has been a major obstacle to police reform.

  4. I worked on the Prop H campaign for police reform in 2003. I remember one particular, rather conservative Democratic Club I was involved with, whose endorsement I really wanted to get. It was going to be a tough sell, because these folks were generally cop-friendly. Not that the initiative was anti-cop, but anything that calls for more civilian oversight gets knee-jerk opposition from the cop lobby.

    Fortunately, the person that the No side had as their spokesman, was none other than POA President Chris Cunnie. First of all, you have to picture that this man is huge, intimidating, all the moreso in full uniform, which he happened to be campaigning in. He sits down, leans forward, fists on the table, and begins in his deep baritone voice, “The police are a paramilitary organization and they need to do what they need to do without civilian interference… etc. etc.”

    I don’t remember the whole speech, but by the time he got done, the spectacle was so thuggish, that the old conservative club ladies were just staring with their eyes open, collectively thinking… O.M.G. I held back a smile, because I knew the rest would be easy. That was the only “center-right” Democratic Club to endorse Prop H, but that was quite a coup, with an unwitting assist from Chris Cunnie.

    Look, I think the guy is a thug who will crack skulls with glee. But don’t take my word for it.

    There are 3 candidates for sheriff (well 3 main ones anyway).

    The Republican Party endorsed Paul Miyamoto and Chris Cunnie. And they specifically said “don’t vote for Ross Mirkarimi.”

    The Democratic Party endorsed Ross Mirkarimi. *ONLY* Ross Mirkarimi. And this is a crucial point, because we have ranked choice, and it doesn’t hurt to make a second choice. But in this election, not ONLY the Democratic Party, but just about every major liberal and progressive group simply declined to make a second choice. They feel that the other choices are so horrendous, that there is no justification for ranking them anywhere on the ballot.

    I agree. Ross isn’t just the best choice. He’s the only choice.  

  5. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m breathing a sigh of relief right now.  

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