California Forward Gives It Another Go

Goo-Goo wants to change how California government functions: increase transparency and budget process

by Brian Leubitz

California Forward has had an interesting existence. They’ve only been around  for a few years, but they’ve sent out a lot of press releases.  Oh, and it kept the current Defense Secretary busy for a few years.

It’s not that I don’t think CA Forward doesn’t have some interesting ideas.  It’s just that the press release stage is how far they usually get along the process. And then there is the fact that some of their ideas, well, they probably should have been left in the brainstorming session.

Nonetheless, Peter Schrag details another big push from the organization, and they have said that they will be pushing to get something on the ballot in November.

More important, the proposal,  co-authored by Sunne McPeak, now CEO of the California Emerging Technology Fund, and former Secretary of State Bruce McPherson, would void any legislation creating a new state program, enlarging an existing program or cutting any tax unless offsetting state program reductions or additional revenues or some combination of the two are provided in the bill.

The backers of the measure also hold high hopes in its provisions creating incentives for broader local agency collaboration. It aims at the creation of county-based Community Strategic Action Plans to reduce, the silos of agencies serving the same populations: schools, for example, foster care, health programs, law enforcement and others trying to work with the same children, but now sometimes barely talking to one another and occasionally trying to shut others out. (CA Progress Report)

Take a gander at the full article. As is typical with CA Forward initiatives, there is a long way to go before this idea is really fully baked. And, of course, there is one big, big problem: it doesn’t deal with the 2/3 requirement to raise revenues, so there is still a huge preference for cuts over revenue.

Maybe something comes of this, but, this is Sacramento we’re talking about, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

6 thoughts on “California Forward Gives It Another Go”

  1. How about a single chamber Legislature?

    That would be a real reform

    How about Ending Term limitits, or at least making it 16 years?

    How about Splitting the property tax rolls ?

    Split the rates for commercial property and owner occupied homes

    How about an oil severence tax?

    THAT might bring in some money for education

    How about LIMITING pay of top administrators (at UC, CSC and the state government, including the Legislators) to 4 or 5 times the average wage in their departments?

    How about doing the same for salaries in the the Judiciary?

    And, let’s look at ‘Golden Handshakes’ for departing executives

    Try some REAL REFORMS !!!

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