Prop 8 En Banc Hearing Denied

Marriage equality case looks set for the Supreme Court

by Brian Leubitz

Today the 9th Circuit denied the motion for en banc rehearing of the case. The Yes on 8 supporters had sought review from an 11-judge panel, but the denial means that their only recourse at this point is the Supreme Court.

Interestingly, this puts the case on a similar time schedule as the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) case that was just decided at the 1st Circuit. We could potentially see the future of marriage equality firmly established (or severely set back) within the very near future.

You can get all the documents from the Prop 8 case at the 9th Circuit’s case page.

Somewhat interestingly, the dissenting judges, O’SCANNLAIN, BYBEE and BEA, went off on the President’s statement on marriage equality, suggesting that we should have a “greater conversation” and that blocking the en banc hearing cuts off the conversation.  Judges Hawkins and Reinhardt respond:

We are puzzled by  our dissenting colleagues’ unusual reliance on the President’s views regarding the Constitution, especially as the President did not discuss the narrow issue that we decided in our opinion. We held only that under the particular circumstances relating to California’s Proposition 8, that measure was invalid. In line with the rules governing judicial resolution of constitutional issues, we did not resolve the fundamental question that both sides asked us to: whether the Constitution prohibits the states from banning same-sex marriage. That question may be decided in the near future, but if so, it should be in some other case, at some other time.

One thought on “Prop 8 En Banc Hearing Denied”

  1. Is there a ballot proposition planned for November ?

    Marriage Equality would pass in a general election

    It might have the side benefit of drawing out progressives to vote on the tax measures while they’re at it

    It might even help the Democrats get a 2/3rds majourity in the Assembly

    Anything in the works ??

    I voted YES on Props 28 & 29

    ButI hear 28 might lose !!!

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