A Very Special Invitation

A special inviteThe Koch Brothers welcome their fellow billionaires to San Diego.

by Brian Leubitz (Note: I work for the Stop Special Exemptions Campaign. Cross-posted to DailyKos)

Hey, did you hear the one about the secret convention of billionaires in San Diego this weekend? It’s really quite the production. They’ll be showing pretty much everything off there is to be seen in a political operation. Well, except grassroots supporters who can’t afford the cost of entry.

Many of the dozens of rich conservative invitees are expected to write huge checks to a pool of cash distributed among Koch-approved groups, potentially boosting the Kochs’ 2012 spending plan beyond their historic $395 million goal. And it’s also a chance for the Kochs to show off their increasingly robust political machine, including a growing voter database project called Themis that played a major role in conservatives’ recent efforts in Wisconsin and in which POLITICO has learned Koch operatives have discussed investing $20 million. (Politico)

Anyway you slice it, these SuperPAC Billionaires are planning to use the Citizens United decision, and some of our other bizarre campaign finance regulations, to the fullest.

But guess what, while we can already expect to see plenty of this at the federal level, the SuperPAC Billionaires are looking to create some special exemptions for themselves right here in California.  This November, Californians will be asked on the ballot to approve the Special Exemptions Act, a system that has more holes in it than a good hunk of Emmental cheese.

It just isn’t what it seems. Rather than being a balanced approach to campaign finance reform, it tips the scales to the SuperPAC Billionaires and their friends. It gives them special exemptions from the restrictions imposed under the measure, so they can have even MORE power in Sacramento.

That’s why there is such a broad coalition of opponents to the measure. From good government organizations to environmental groups, organizations understand that the Special Exemptions Act is wrong for California.

I hope you’ll join the campaign today. You can also like the campaign on facebook or follow on twitter.

One thought on “A Very Special Invitation”

  1. … are soon parted

    I really think the GOP is moribund in California

    Unless the Democrats start running ineffectual, ‘life style’ candidates like Barack Obama

    Actually, when the Democrats had a majority in the House and Senate (and Nancy Pelosi was Speaker), Obama could have enacted campaign reform legislation

    Obama was Too busy being a ‘Celebrity’, I guess

    I just watched the movie ‘Inside Job’ this weekend

    About the Financial Scam of 2008

    It turns out Barack Obama appointed a lot of guys RESPONSIBLE for the MELTDOWNAnd NEVER PROPOSED any real Financial reforms

    Not ONE banker has gone to jail because of the Thievery of 2008


    A vast amount of his campaign financing was from Wall Street

    Get the picture ??

    Pretty clever, BUY A PRESIDENT !!!

    Thanks, Barack

    Obama and Wall Street make the Koch’s look like Amateurs

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