Climate Change is NOT on the table: LCV

This morning, I received the following email from a long time ecological advocate.  Since I fully agree, I post it as received. The main point is that neither Obama nor Romney really take climate seriously… not enough to do what has to be done.

Since the election is only weeks away and neither candidate has discussed climate change (much less come up with any proposal), LCV should have blasted them both to smithereens already.

This petition is a fraud. If you go to the LCV website, you will find a large box containing  a comparison of environmental positions of Romney vs. Obama (taken from the Sierra Club) and a statement asking readers which one they support. The Romney ones are all negative; the Obama ones are all positive.

And of course what is relevant is that lots of negative policies of Obama are completely left out. Drill for oil in Alaska? Loan guarantees for nukes? Secret Trans Atlantic trade negotiations that will put corporations in charge of all foreign trade regulations? etc, etc.


A box showing how NEITHER of them has shown any interest in climate change

would have been honest. Climate is off the Democratic and Republican tables. It

will never reappear no matter who is elected.

The Democrats are no less dishonest than the Republicans. Why is the LCV taking

orders from the Democrats? I thought they were supposed to represent VOTERS.


Petition is at:…