New Ads from Yes on 30 and No on 32

Campaign heats up

by Brian Leubitz

While the focus of the nation may be on the presidential debate tonight, the election is in full swing here in California. And today we see new commercials from both the Yes on 30 (revenue) and No on 32 (Special Exemptions) campaigns.

First, the Yes on 30 ad:

Here’s the No on 32 ad:

For California progressives, the choice is clear. Yes on 30 enables us to move forward without the further drastic cuts, and No on 32 protects the voice of working Californians.

Note: Brian Leubitz, the editor of this blog, works for the No on 32 campaign. Please like the campaign on facebook or follow on twitter. You can also get your No on 32 T-shirt here.

3 thoughts on “New Ads from Yes on 30 and No on 32”

  1. Both of them a good ads

    I hope they both run often

    I have to say I’m voting no on Prop 38  so that it doesn’t get a bigger vote total than Prop 30

    I’d love to see Prop 38 the next time around

  2. The debate was AWFUL

    Obama was sleep walking

    Let’s hope the race doesn’t tighten too much

    When are we ever gonna get a Progressive President ??

    or even a competent one

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