Sen. Leland Yee to run for Secretary of State

Leland Yee at a 20/20 CoffeeSF Mayoral Candidate has worked on election issues

by Brian Leubitz

While this will be a surprise to exactly nobody, Sen. Leland Yee is making it official, he’ll be a candidate for the 2014 election for SoS.

State Sen. Leland Yee, a San Francisco Democrat who has made voter access and open government among his main priorities as a lawmaker, will run for secretary of state when he is termed out of the Legislature in two years.  …

“Given the fact that I am termed out in two years, I looked long and hard at the options available,” Yee said. “Given the work I have done on voting, on transparency and on open government accountability, I thought the secretary of state position would be a nice fit for me.”(SF Chronicle)

Now putting aside the issue of term limits and legislators constantly looking to find a new seat, Yee will make for a formidable candidate in this race. He has worked on voting issues, and his bill for online registration saw a boom of around a million voters registering via the internet.

With top-two elections, being the first mover is a fairly big advantage. The party will want to avoid a wild primary with lots of solid Democratic candidates so that we don’t inadvertently hand an office to the Republicans. Yee certainly has his share of detractors, but with his background on the issues and a pretty strong base in San Francisco, he will be a strong candidate.

UPDATE: Here’s his tweet on the subject.

10 thoughts on “Sen. Leland Yee to run for Secretary of State”

  1. Leland Yee is a Good Man

    A Moderate San Francisco Democrat

    (i.e. he Doesn’t support Public Nudity and free Tax-Payer Funded Sex Change Operations)

    I voted for him for Mayor of SF

    He’ll make a good Secretary of State with his reform agenda

    Yee was one of the few pointing out the Overpaid UC and CSU officials feathering their nests

    PS In San Francisco, public nudity (except for ‘special occasions’) was outlawed by a 9 to 5 vote !!

    Quite a squeaker by the SF Board of Supervisors

    My Supervisor, Scott Weiner proposed free Sex Change operations, funded by the city’s Health care plan

    Thanks, Scott !!

    Presumably, people around the country will be able to stop in and demand their Free operation

  2. San Francisco has sent some Real Stinkers to Sacramento

    Gavin Nuisance, Willie Brown and Kamala Harris

    LeLand Yee is a refreshing difference

    Good Luck Leland !!

    A Moderate Democrat !!

  3. Same-day registration would be an absolute demolisher for the GOP in CA becuase when people vote, Dems win.

    Any possibility that this would be a campaign issue for SoS Yee?

    Hell, with a supermajority, this should be a no-brainer for the legislature – it would make the recalcitrant teabagging GOP that much less likely to break the 1/3 barrier again.

  4. If he can restore the write in vote by the time 2014 election starts I will vote for him. Patching one of the most horrible aspects of Prop 14 would be much appreciated. As long as you dont run in the top 2 primary, or if one of the top 2 nominees dies or gets disqualified by September 1st, you should be allowed to be a write in.  

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