Californians want to reduce gun violence

Field Poll shows string majority want additional gun control measures

By Brian Leubitz

The Field  poll has begun to release their latest data cache, today they focused on gun control. And resoundingly, Californians want to see gun violence reduced. The top line figure is stark: 61% favor stricter gun control, while only 34% want to “protect the rights of gun owners.”

The demographics of support are kind of what you would expect:

A little more than half the state’s male voters support tighter gun control, but the numbers soar to nearly seven of every 10 female voters, according to a Field Poll released today. .

This year’s nearly 2-to-1 support for gun control hides a deep partisan split. Eighty percent of Democrats and 63 percent of independent voters want tighter laws, but 65 percent of Republicans say no. (SacBee)

The California legislature is currently considering several measures but the most major restrictions must come in through the federal government.  And, unfortunately, the Congress seems to be dysfunctional and Republicans are not particularly interested in acting on this issue. Perhaps Congress will hear some of their constituents, but for the time being Sacramento can make a start.