Judges order prisoner release

Judges demand prompt action

By Brian Leubitz

The three judge panel looking at the constitutionality of our prisons appears to be just about done with the administration and the speed of prison reform. Today they issued an order that indicates just how much they are peeved:

Their order demands that California’s prison system population be reduced to 137.5 percent of capacity by the end of the year, a requirement that essentially means the state must begin finding ways to reduce the inmate population or face a contempt citation. (SacBee)

Not only does this essentially require the release of 10,000 inmates, but the judges eliminated any state processes that would slow the releases – and required progress reports every two weeks. It’s like a student you don’t trust to do their homework.

Considering this case has already got something of a thumbs up from the Supreme Court, there isn’t a huge grounds for appeal, but I’m sure the administration will look to what grounds are left. In the interim, the administration is going to have to start emptying the state prisons.

7 thoughts on “Judges order prisoner release”

  1. So, what does that mean to the average Joe and Jane on the street?

    What does it mean to those incarcerated who were actually innocent? What does it mean to their families when these felons can’t get jobs, cuz well, there ARE no jobs except for the chosen few who ARE working?

    Where will these people go, live, not work? Not get health care?

    Are they gonna be let loose and either just kill or rob, or just die on the streets without support or counseling and guidance?

    I honestly don’t understand how bad this is, and I’m pretty well informed, thanks to you, Brian.

    Whatcha got?  

  2. Can you say ‘Imperial Judiciary’ ?

    According to state and local laws, those people were convicted

    Courts and Juries decided they were guilty

    Now some unelected Federal judges are giving them

    ‘Get out of Jail, Free’ cards ??

    Guess who’s gonna pay for their housing on the outside ?

    Guess what’s gonna happen to crime rates ?

    The Miracle of Democracy

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