Netroots Nation 2013: I Know the Way to San Jose

Event will bring thousands of activists, politicians together

by Brian Leubitz

The NetrootsNation convention started in 2006 as YearlyKos. Though it took place in Las Vegas, in many ways it was born and raised in California. The DailyKos community that grew out of was based in the Bay Area, and many of the original organizers were based here as well.

And today it all comes home to the Bay Area. The convention officially kicks off today, though the Courage Campaign hosted their party last night as many folks first arrived.  I’ll be heading down shortly, and hope to see a lot of California friends at the California Caucus today at 2pm.

One thought on “Netroots Nation 2013: I Know the Way to San Jose”

  1. Yet another 1% of the rich and workin and paid well gathering to prance and pony themselves about making all kinds of noises while in service to the 1% who own their asses, their jobs and their lives all the while as the 1% and our government that’s bought and owned and operated by the 1% destroys the gains of social liberations and equality for the masses.

    This stuff is for the rich kids. It has NOTHING to do with the masses of CA.

    They need and deserve, better than anything NetRoots produces or CHAMPIONS for. You can bet yer bippy the NetRoots is all about making money for sponsors, and not offending any of them.

    Harumph. Lemme know when any of them NetRooters do something in favor for the masses. I don’t see that happening soon.  

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