Election Day 2013…Or one of them anyway

Local measures, officials to be decided

by Brian Leubitz

Here in San Francisco, the ballot is, shall we say, not all that interesting to many voters. As I was on the street last night passing out slate cards, I heard several “there’s an election?” and flat out “I’m not planning on voting.” But, in many ways, you can’t blame them for the apathy, as three of the the four candidate elections are unopposed. But throughout the state, there are some interesting elections, including several important ballot measures.

In San Bernardino, voters will choose a new mayor to help the city recover from its current bankrupt state:

Despite the problems, 10 candidates are vying for votes Tuesday to replace two-term Mayor Patrick J. Morris.

Aside from Korner, the candidates are: developer and former two-time candidate Rick Avila; retired high school coach Richard Castro; city public works employee Draymond Crawford; accountant Carey Davis; City Councilman Rikke Van Johnson; City Councilwoman Wendy McCammack; rail analyst Henry Nickel; and real estate broker Karmel Roe. There’s also a write-in candidate: Concepcion Powell, a business development consultant and founder of the San Bernardino-based U.S. Hispanic Women Grocers Assn. (LA Times)

And there are other problems in San Bernardino, as two of the candidates had to step out because of corruption issues. (And one apparently regularly speaks to her deity) But the big issues facing the city aren’t going away. A runoff seems likely given the big pack of candidates, so there will be more time to consider the issues. Republican Councilwoman Wendy McCammack and Businessman Carey Davis seem to be slight favorites to be in that runoff.

Elsewhere, Palo Alto will consider its housing density future and San Francisco will consider waterfront height restrictions. Anything else you are watching?

2 thoughts on “Election Day 2013…Or one of them anyway”

  1. All four of the candidates up for re-election in San Francisco are pretty good

    But, there is an issue in this election:

    waterfront development

    Props B and C would allow the development of $2 million to $8 million condos on the waterfront in buildings that exceed the established height limitations

    Gavin Nuisance is FOR B and C

    That, in itself tells you to vote NO

    Why allow them to exceed the height limits ?

    Though, I probably will vote for the Warriors Arena if it’s not to outrageous

    It could be a signature structure on the SF water front

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