Abel Maldonado to Drop Out of Governor’s Race

St. AbelFormer LG struggled with fundraising and staff changes

by Brian Leubitz

St. Abel Maldonado struggled during his campaign for governor. To put it mildly. He didn’t really rake in the bucks, and went through a complete staff change. Of course, there was also the issue that most of the GOP loyalists pretty much loathe the guy. Apparently now he’s had enough:

Abel Maldonado, whose campaign for governor sputtered for months and failed to gain the support of Republican donors, has told other Republicans he will drop out of the race today, sources said. …

Then, after finishing the first half of last year in debt, Maldonado and his original team of advisers split. Maldonado assembled a new group of advisers, including Ron Nehring, the former California Republican Party chairman, and he presented the team at the state party’s convention last fall.(SacBee)

But never you worry, Tim Donnelly is still in the race, and he’s totally for reals about his fundraising. Or well, at least he had enough to buy a milkshake at In ‘N Out and still be able to afford a burger too.

However, rumors continue to swirl that former TARP administrator Neel Kashkari will enter the race soon. He has hired some advisors, but he’ll need to raise a lot of cash quickly to be competitive with a governor that had $10million in the bank in mid 2013 and a 58% approval rating in the most recent Field poll.

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  1. Instead of Maldanado, the Goopers will nominate an Anti-Immigrant (e.g. Anti-Latino) candidate

    In the year Latinos are scheduled to become the largest ethnic/racial group in California

    In the spirit of Pete ‘White Power’ Wilson  

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