Jerry Brown Waxes Nostalgic with Maureen Dowd

Governor looks solid for next election, looks back and forward with Dowd

by Brian Leubitz

Neel Kashkari, despite being something of a modest frontrunner to make it to the general election with Gov. Brown, is now struggling with fundraising. Apparently Hank Paulson can only max out once, and Kashkari is having some issues getting contributions beyond the ranks of Goldman Sachs. Kashkari now has less than $1mil, compared to Brown’s nearly $20m.

That all leads up to Maureen Dowd’s puff piece with the Governor entitled “Palmy Days with the Governor.” There are no hard hitting revelations here, just a few rememberances, many of which have to do with the Clintons:

So how does he reconcile what he said in 1992 and now? Have the Clintons changed, or has Brown changed?

He crosses his arms and gives me a flinty look, finally observing: “In retrospect, after we see all the other presidents that came afterwards, certainly, Clinton handled his job with a level of skill that hasn’t been met since.”

Take that, President Obama. (Maureen Dowd / NYT)

It goes on to cite the heckling at the CDP convention, but Gov. Brown is a fighter at heart. Despite his discomfort at the heckling, he closed his speech with “keep protesting.” He has changed a lot since his first go-round, but maybe he is still much the same.

photo by Alan Light

3 thoughts on “Jerry Brown Waxes Nostalgic with Maureen Dowd”

  1. That is setting the Bar AWFULLY LOW

    Obama is just incompetent

    But, at least he didn’t ‘discover’ Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq

    GW Bush was either a Liar or a Fool about Iraq

    Probably both

    But, Clinton Sold Us Out with Banking De-Regulation

    That lead directly to the Banking Crisis and Meltdown of 2008

    WHAT justification was there for Banking ‘De-Regulation’??

    What was its’ purpose, other than to increase contributions to Clinton’s ‘Global Initiative’  ??

    To say nothing of ‘Free Trade’

    Just say NO to Slick Willie, Lying Al and Crooked Hillary !!

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