Butte County Considers Fracking Ban

County concerned about water and seismic risk

by Brian Leubitz

Butte County doesn’t actually have any fracking operations right now, and isn’t likely to become a hotbed of fracking anytime soon. But the Board of Supervisors is making a preemptive statement this week:

Tuesday the Board of Supervisors voted to have county staff prepare an ordinance that bans fracking.

Documents prepared by county staff for Tuesday’s meeting described fracking as “a common term for hydraulic fracturing that is a technique of well stimulation used to increase petroleum production,”

At request from the county’s Water Commission, the supervisors were asked to adopt and ordinance that would require a conditional use permit before a fracking operation could take place within county jurisdiction. (Chico ER)

Even if there weren’t any fracking operations around the corner, at the very least this local action could send a statement to other areas and perhaps be a model.

One thought on “Butte County Considers Fracking Ban”

  1. I recently saw a report that laid the blame for Ohio earthquakes on fracking

    Who ever heard of earthquakes in Ohio before the fracking era

    Do we reeally want More earthquakes in California ??

    Let other states experiment with this process

    I don’t want it in California

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